9 de junio de 2007

Notitas Musicales

Sólo pícale a la imagen para leer la nota completa.
  • We are Scientists preparan nuevo disco. Le abrieron a The Long Blondes bajo el seudónimo Beat Up Old Fellas.
  • Matt Berninger de The National revela a Pitchfor' sus cositas favoritas.
  • Islands: nueva canción. Se llama JOY y es magnífica.
  • El nuevo disco de Ryan Adams (Easy Tiger) sale el 26 de Junio.

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1 comentarios: on "Notitas Musicales"

olga dijo...


I am a frequently visitor of your blog.I am from HongKong and I am so glad to recommandsome great HongKong indie band to you and the
fellow visitors of your blog.

Here is two albums recently i uploaded for your blog:

A synth-pop/indie-pop band,
My Little Airport - 《The OK Thing To Do On Sunday Afternoon Is To Toddle In The Zoo》(2004)

offical site:http://www.mylittleairport.com

A post-punk/new-wave/synth-rock band,
Fan Hung A - 《She's Here》(2006)


offical site:http://www.fanhunga.com/

Also,i will also send these albums to other
blogs and sites like yours one.Hope you don't

Olga Allsopp

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